1. oney's Avatar
    ive searched every where on the internet and this forum and i have no luck loading facebook.
    i have a boost mobile plan and my boostberry is fully functioning with mms and all. but when i go to load facebook v. 1.6 it says my phone cant load that version and if i load 1.7 it says i have no data plan like everyone elses...

    is it that i updated to the most current version

    or is there something else im doing wrong

    or am i just doomed with out facebook..

    any and all help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Oney
    02-16-10 10:19 PM
  2. oney's Avatar
    still searching for answer
    02-17-10 06:43 AM
  3. hkzf22tsi's Avatar
    im having the same problem, searching for an answer, i'll post what i can find, but i downloaded 1.6 and loaded it through the bdm and when i look on my phone i cant find the launch icon anywhere. its in the list of apps when i go to advanced option and click on it, i just cant seem to find it.
    05-01-10 05:40 PM