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    I am not sure if this should be in here or in the third party forum but here I go.

    I'm sitting in class looking at the forums this morning and a lot of people are saying ubertwitter works fully on 5.0, I have reasons to believe it messes up pushing data of any other kind (email, thn app, internet access, etc).

    Before you bash on me please hear me out. I have only a couple third party aps. Tetherberry, skydeck, slacker, google sync, the hockey news app, and (not anymore) ubertwitter. When I updated to 5.0 I downloaded the apps in that order. there was nothing wrong until ubertwitter. After I reboot my phone I was receive some error that says something already uses the mime/3gp item. And I never get any emails pushed until I do a bat pull. Then the process repeats.

    Before anyone asks, yes I have 1XEV and yes I could use BBM fine and SMS and send emails fine, just couldn't receive.

    I have since deleted ubertwitter and haven't tried to put it back on due to classes and work packing my schedule.

    Any ideas? Your help is much appreciated

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    10-29-09 10:03 AM
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    Weird you say that but i too have noticed the same thing in ubertwitter..
    10-29-09 10:20 AM
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    Unfortunately my email being pushed is still sometimes 30minutes to an hour late still. Not always but a good amount of the time. And neither blackberry or Verizon support know why!

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    10-29-09 10:24 AM