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    I use Google Talk and AIM on both my Blackberry and Computer. The issue is that when I am at my desk, I would like to do all "IMing" on my PC, and not have my BB vibrate every time I receive an IM. The way I do it now is with AIM, I sign out on my BB and sign in on my computer (which you are anyways prompted to do as soon as you sign in from a second location), and with Google Talk, I have two accounts, one for my BB and one for my PC (Google Talk is actually a bit better about having one account logged in at two locations, as it only delivers IMs to the location that you reply from, unlike AIM). However, this is confusing for people who do not always realize which account to IM me at. What I would like would be for the IM application to send IMs to my BB when my computer is idle (these programs already detect this), but otherwise send the IM to my PC.

    Does anyone know of a way of accomplishing this (I hope I was clear)?
    01-28-09 07:53 AM