1. nd2nc's Avatar
    I have been using OS 5.0 and have had no probs with my theme until... I loaded the new QuickPull for OS 5.0. QuickPull wasn't working properly so I deleted it and did a battery pull. Since then my FAVORITE theme (for OS 5.0) is having a prob. When I attempt to open the browser I get the following error "Uncaughtexception: Java.lang.illegalArgumentException. The only way I can get rid of the error message is to rapidly push all of the buttons on my phone for about 30 secs (yeah, real high tech solution!). My other 3rd party apps are working fine. I have uninstalled the theme and reloaded as well as done battery pulls. Is this a lost cause? Do I have to say goodbye to TinkerGoth!
    05-22-10 12:39 PM
  2. highdesertrose's Avatar
    I had this also on my fave theme, Berrybliss. I wiped the phone and reinstalled everything and still had this issue, so I went back to the stock theme and haven't had any probs since.

    Good luck!

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    05-22-10 02:53 PM
  3. mudbuny's Avatar
    I posted up this same problem looking for a solution a few days ago. I also have this same issue. My next solution was to wipe the phone and reinstall os, but i guess that won't work either. I have recently deleted quickpull from my phone as well. Wonder if it has something to do with it?
    I really miss my themes!!!!
    05-24-10 04:21 PM
  4. NeoLythic's Avatar
    I just had this problem pop up this morning.

    It was after I had installed the latest version of Opera Mini, then performed a update (I have a 9630 running an LCARS theme.)

    If I opened the BB web browser directly I'd get the error "uncaught exception Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException". BUT, if I opened something in Opera Mini (like a picture) it would open the native browser OK.

    What I ended up doing was going into Opera and downloading a picture, which opened it up in the native browser, then went into Options (in the BB web browser) and reset the home page (just changed it from Google.com to Yahoo.com, then back.) After doing that it seemed to work.

    No idea what caused the error in the first place though. Everything worked fine for a few days after installing Opera Mini and running the BB updates.

    Hope that helps!
    05-24-10 06:06 PM
  5. nd2nc's Avatar
    I think I resolved the problem and am back to using my favorite app! First I did as NeoLythic suggested and I changed my browser's homepage. Then I reinstalled the theme, only this time I installed the OS 4.7 version rather than the previously installed OS 5.0 version. I'm not sure if it was a combination of both of those things that fixed the problem, or if it was just one of the changes I made. I have accessed the browser several times in the past 8+ hours and haven't had a lock up nor have I seen that dreaded uncaught exception error message. Thanks All!
    05-25-10 03:38 PM
  6. zerohour's Avatar
    I was able to fix this on my friend's 9700 by installing a newer OS version.
    05-25-10 03:48 PM