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    i recently traded in my storm for a new one because the screen was messed up. i backed up the apps on the old one before i traded it in.

    well i decided to update my os, so i backed up my phone again and noticed it only did a few apps. apps that i have downloaded while i used the new phone not the original. so i figured i could just drag the files into the new back up folder, so i did that. i wiped my device and when picking the apps i want loaded it did not show all of them (ones from old back up). so i tried to add the folder but it was telling me it was not compatible. so right now i have a fraction of my apps.

    i was wondering if anyone ever ran into this before and if so how did you fix it.

    thanks in advance
    08-08-09 01:15 PM
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    Its a glitch, you need to complete erase all folders and previous backups of the 3rd party apps. Then when you back up it should pick up all the apps this time. It somehow knows what you have backed up before so it wont do it again.

    At this point, you just need to start downloading all your apps again from where you got them
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    08-08-09 01:23 PM
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    Nice info howarmat.
    08-08-09 03:35 PM
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    For future reference if you use the device switch wizard it will copy all apps as well as icon placement etc. It will also handle the BES PIN switch for those of you on BES. I needed to get a replacement Thursday since mine would no longer charge (bad connector) I ran the wizard left it open at the new device prompt, swapped Storms and then connected the new one and all is good. Of course I needed to get new registration coded for some apps that are PIN based.

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    08-08-09 09:10 PM