1. xforum142riidax's Avatar
    just saw there is an app for the iPhone that takes calls over the internet if your in a wifi zone, saving you minutes and $. If your not in a wifi zone it just takes calls using your normal carrier. Is there an app like this for blackberry????? Thanks in advace
    03-25-10 12:50 PM
  2. CharredPC's Avatar
    Sure, it's built into my 9700, and called UMA.

    Sounds a bit like Skype, but not sure how seamlessly integrated that is.

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    03-25-10 12:55 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    UMA goes well beyond Skype. When it is active, Voice, SMS, MMS, BIS and third party apps use the Wifi instead of the carrier. However, there is still just one line.

    It is totaly automatic once it has been configured, but it does require both carrier and device support.
    03-25-10 01:33 PM
  4. qbnkelt's Avatar
    CrackberryBrandon posted the article that explains that app. It's on the iPhone forum.

    State of the Art - Line2 Allows iPhone Users to Sidestep AT and T - NYTimes.com

    He found it, I didn't. He gets the credit.
    03-25-10 01:42 PM
  5. geronimo509's Avatar
    I just saw this too. It looks pretty cool. The article I saw said that apple wouldn't let a google app be aloud because it was too close to thier stuff. I doubt apple will let this happen. here is the article I found iphone-app-to-sidestep-att: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
    03-25-10 10:16 PM
  6. jlb21's Avatar
    Methinks though Apple was anti-Google Voice, that they softened to combat the recent exclusive VZW/Skype partnership.

    I like the sound of Line2 over Skype, but it is not enough to get me to drop VZW/BB for Apple. But would I consider getting an iPod Touch and tossing the $15/mo on there to run Line 2 on it??? Perhaps. If there was no contract for Line2 and you could go month to month, think of how awesome it would be to take an iTouch with you when you go to Europe on business for a few weeks. You could use an iPod Touch via wifi to make calls home at low, Skype like rates. Whereas the new Skype Mobile won't work that way.

    Of course, I would probably just take my netbook with me and Skype to Skype home anyways. But, nonetheless, I find this to be an interesting little situation and I betcha that VZW may be revisiting certain things Skype right now to combat this....or maybe not.
    03-26-10 09:17 AM