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    Hope there is someone out there to help a newbie?

    I am using 1.0.19 so I can see my courses on the SD Card.

    All works as expected except, when I select Hole 1 at either of my two courses shows:
    Front, Middle and Back as "Not Set"
    and Par NO PAR DATA

    Then, when I go to the 2nd Hole, the correct data from Hole 1 are shown. And it goes on like this with alternate holes showing Not set and No data, followed by the correct data fot that Hole on the next Hole. Any ideas please? I have checked the XML file and it looks exactly as the examples given.

    The second problem is with downloading the Club XML files. I have selected clubs and put in distances but, when I click on the link given to download:
    It says - Requested URL not found.

    Wecome any guidance on what is a brilliant App.

    Many thanks, Tony
    02-02-13 11:17 AM

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