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    My goal was to have a work calendar and personal calendar on my BB. The personal calendar I share with my wife. She doesnt want my work appts on her calendar. My work calendar I sync with outlook via DM. The personal calendar I sync with Google OTA. The problem lies in that when you sync a calendar, each service whether it be DM or google seems to want to sync to the default calendar. The only way I think this will work is to switch the "default" calendar - both when adding entrys and when syncing. When I add a personal entry, I need to make sure my personal calendar is set as the default. When I add a work entry I need to make sure my calendar is set to work. Then when I sync to Google (which I have set to manually sync) I need to make sure my personal calendar is set as the default. The same for sync to Outlook (work calendar) I need to make sure the calendar default is set to work. This seems to keep them seperate. It is definitely a PITA, but I think it will work?????

    Settings - Options - Advanced Options - Default Services - Calendar (CICAL) and set your default calendar.

    It would be nice to have 2 completely different calendars, but that doesnt seem to be possible.
    12-09-09 11:33 PM
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    You're not alone in trying to have both personal and work calenders handy while keeping them separate. My wife and I have been going through this workflow issue between Outlook and Google calender for years. I've always had a PIM of some kind that would sync with Outlook (Treo, Blackjack, Blackberry). The situation we had is that I didn't want to have her items spilling onto my work calendar, but she didn't mind seeing my work calender on hers.

    We still haven't found a solution except to go back to Google after syncking and denoting what items belong on what calenders. For what it's worth, I have been checking into Microsoft Windows Live calendar which syncs to Outlook and actually creates a second calender in Outlook. I'm researching how both would then sync to my BB9000. I'm still not 100% on using that and how it would intergrate with my BB9000.

    If you check it out and come up with a workable solution, please let us know.

    I just checked the CICAL, and it has four calendars for each of my four email addresses (which I have set to recieve on my phone) and I understand the concept separating each calender item by those addresses. But these have no correlation to the system we set up on Google or Outlook. They are strictly a Blackberry thing.
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    12-10-09 08:07 AM
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    You are correct that the calendars set up in the BB have no correlation to Google. It seems that whenever you sync the BB to a calendar, whether it be via DM and USB cable or to Google OTA, it will simply sync with whatever calendar is currently set as the default calendar.
    12-10-09 11:14 PM
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    The BB calendaring system sucks. All calendar entries are lumped together into one. No way to differentiate at all, no labels or anything.
    12-11-09 02:23 AM
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    Tell me about it.....
    Past two days I have been re-doing my device.
    It was syncing to FB even though that wasn't checked.
    Then it was syncing only to one of my gmail accts and not outlook.
    Then it made the gmail acct the default.
    I want to use one calendar......my work and personal are both on google calendar and outlook, but they don't play nice....
    Ideas? I deleted all the ical service books to just have the default calendar....

    To be honest....I want the abilities of email from wm, with the calendar and contacts from palm....on a bb....

    wishful thinking.
    12-11-09 09:18 AM
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    Has anyone found any fixes or updates to these issues?
    I was thinking of trying to implement the same thing...Outlook for work and google for personal.
    03-05-10 11:34 AM
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    Thanks to all of you that posted threads about the calendar issues.

    This is my first post ever, so please bear with me.

    I love my PB, but am really frustrated with the new calendar and contacts. Here's why. Firstly, I am not in the corporate world and don't really have a huge need for multiple calendars. Although I appreciate all the interconnectivity of the new 2.0's social media and all it stands for, all I really want is one calendar and address book that seamlessly syncs on my BB Torch and my PB. I have yet to find this. I've always used Outlook, so that's where all my contacts and calendar stuff is, but I'm not married to it. I've introduced Google sync into the mix and I thought that it would be a solution, but alas, it is not. On my Torch, Google calendar only appears as a crummy "agenda" view that I cannot seem to modify. Is there not a way to use the cool new calendar/contacts feature without using 2 different calendars? HELP me!

    Thanks in advance!
    02-24-12 07:56 PM