1. luqman24's Avatar
    I've been running this beta update for a day and a half now and this is what I've noticed so far...


    1. BB Browser is slower on wifi (not sure on 3G)
    2. After watching videos on youtube for a while I get a message saying "The Media Processor is Busy" and idk why its saying that and its a first
    3. When I'm on the app switcher it goes to fast and therefore harder to switch apps
    4. Battery is a shorter than .509
    5. Memory leak still there


    1. Facebook app is a bit faster

    After all this I've decided to downgrade to .509. But its just me feel free to also post your feedbacks as this might help some decide whether they would like to upgrade or not.

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    03-24-10 08:13 PM
  2. SHoTTa35's Avatar
    I don't get the mem leak anymore and that's why i'm staying with 554. I would loose like 10MB in 8hrs on 509.

    I haven't seen any of the other bugs either other than the switcher bug but it only happens when i use the browser.
    03-24-10 09:10 PM
  3. luqman24's Avatar
    I'm downgradeing mostly cuz of the slower internet speeds cuz I surf a lot and I'm not down with that but that's jus my oppinion

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    03-24-10 09:45 PM