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    Ok, heres my problem, I have a 8900 on the Rogers network and i have tried installing every 5.0 official, leaked and hybrid o.s. offered. The only one i can keep running stable is the, every other one always has random reboots and i can't have it rebooting all the time. Why don't i just keep the on my phone u ask. cause it has a crappy data reception, when it's less than three bars, i can kiss my data goodbye. When i have the lets say official, it pulls data like a champ untill it decides to reboot.

    I know what you all are thinking, it's the media card issue, but no it does it even if i don't have one in and i've even did the wiping and formating blah blah blah, if i don't have a sim card in the phone it won't reboot when i do the things that force a reboot, but soon as i put it back in, it starts. In short i've tried everything under the sun to get it to work for me, but the only one that doesn't have the issue and runs like it's supposed to is the file.

    If anyone can help me with my issue i'd really appreciate it, cause i'm sure i'm not the only person to have this issue, thanks

    Oh, and i can't exchange the phone for a new one that might work cause it was bought used, i'll appreciate the help

    and yes i have searched the forums, google and what not to try and see anything related
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    have you tried a sim swap?
    04-15-10 04:03 PM
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    Yes Soilder I even went to rogers and got a brand new sim card which I hoped to fix the issue but it didn't
    04-15-10 04:28 PM
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