1. Thunderstrom's Avatar

    I accidently ON the settings of trusted app setting when scanning my dtek app.. how do I off doesn't matter even dtek shows warning..! help me out plz . I womder why even this ask to enable cuz I have not installed the Google protect app in my phone..so how it detect in the first place.. anyway need to off/revert back. thxWants to revert back the setting for Google protect-screenshot_20190103-232620_1.jpg
    01-03-19 12:31 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Google Play Protect is enabled on your phone automatically, you don't need to download it or install it. And you don't have to disable this, just leave it on. If you ever have an app that wants to install from Unknown Sources it will ask. You clearly don't have any apps using this function now, it would be disabled. If you insist on messing with it though, go to settings>search for 'Install unknown apps>then tap on Install Unknown Apps, it will show a list of apps that have access.
    01-03-19 12:40 PM

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