11-15-18 11:06 PM
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    Yeah I agree, I would never pay $600 for any phone no matter what. I got the Motion from Koodo for ~$300, I forget the total. It's the first new phone I've ever bought, everything else I bought used mint off of Kijiji or wherever. Never an issue there, but I couldn't find any used Motions in my area.

    CAD$55/mo for 4gb data, unlimited calls Canada wide, unlimited sms/mms
    CAD$15/mo for the phone until it's paid off
    No contract, I could just pay off the phone and cancel my subscription at any time.

    So far so good with Koodo, no complaints. I was with their counterpart Telus for 10 years and they couldn't even offer me anything remotely close to what Koodo does. So I said f that and went to Koodo.

    The funny part was my girlfriend always said Koodo reps are scammers and steal your credit card, and I obviously would tell her that she's crazy and that those are probably isolated incidents. Then when I went to go pick up the Motion and pay for everything, I handed the girl at the counter my credit card (multiple times) which I hadn't used for probably 3 years. That same night I had 3 charges from La Senza, H&M, and Forever 21 show up on my card. I got the charges reversed and nothing bad has happened since. That b****! Hah.
    11-15-18 11:06 PM
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