1. towngirl's Avatar
    I took a screenshot of a posted wallpaper from IG. (Because I can't figure out a way to get them image other than a screen shot)

    When I used it, the attached displays at the bottom. But the actual image does not have that on it.

    Any suggestions how to fix?

    (I did notice that the pictures were being screenshotted with that attached on it, so I took one that didn't have it. And it still didn't work.)
    Wallpaper Q-screenshot_20190602-080340-1-.jpeg
    06-02-19 01:52 PM
  2. towngirl's Avatar
    I think I got it.

    I retook it image so it didn't have that attached on it. And I deleted it. But it was still using it. Had to delete it off Wallpapers, to get rid of it.
    06-02-19 02:18 PM

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