1. Thunderstrom's Avatar
    Hi, guyz need ur help in this.. the volume rocker key is like headache for me whenever I play songs or watch video I knw until the songs or video play it auto detects and set the volume accroding to need but It's very annoying sometimes its set the ring tone low or high and I want to get rid of this setting.. I want the key only works for songs or video only... ringtone sound should be set on permanent basis onve for all.. Is there any chance to do it ?
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    01-15-19 01:31 AM
  2. Amaroni's Avatar
    click the up volume key, a notification panel will appear ...on the right side bottom there will be a down arrow , click the down arrow, this opens sounds settings for ringer, alarm and media . set according to your preferences
    01-15-19 07:09 AM

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