1. skilas's Avatar
    Any way to enable the fingerprint scanner for just the Locker, but not the unlock screen? I've only recently enabled the fingerprint sensor. I would like to use it for the Locker section to put sensitive documents. But at the same time it also enabled it for unlocking the phone. I don't like this because I'm used to pulling my phone out of my pocket, and my finger always hits the sensor. Or I like just pushing the home button to check the time, or see what new messages I have. But it bothers me every time is vibrates, or warns me at the bottom that there was an invalid fingerprint attempt.
    12-07-18 10:27 AM
  2. oldsoul123's Avatar
    Start putting it in your pocket with the sensor down, so your grabbing the top instead. To answer your question, no.
    12-07-18 02:26 PM

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