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    I've been reading up on the AT&T hotspot issues and understood from CB members that the issue was fixed with the latest updates.
    I ended up upgrading my family's phones to the Blackberry Motion and while you can turn on and connect to the hotspot, the connected phone doesn't get an Internet connection.
    Is there a specific APN setting that needs to be entered? I'll post my APN settings here shortly and I've tried some of the settings listed out here on this website, but I haven't got it to work.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    11-03-18 07:50 AM
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    To any moderators out there can you please change the title to "AT&T Hotspot Issues on Motion (fixed??). Thanks
    11-03-18 07:53 AM
  3. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Here's the APNs you get as default with AT&T and then I have 3 screenshots in which I've connected to the Motion (tried using my work iPhone as well) and it didn't work.

    Any help would be appreciated. if you got it working please post your APN settings. Thanks.
    11-04-18 03:34 PM
  4. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Here are the pixs
    Attached Thumbnails AT&T Hotspot Issues on Motion (fixed)-screenshot_20181104-161020.jpg   AT&T Hotspot Issues on Motion (fixed)-screenshot_20181104-161827.jpg   AT&T Hotspot Issues on Motion (fixed)-screenshot_20181104-162047.jpg   AT&T Hotspot Issues on Motion (fixed)-screenshot_20181104-162132.jpg  
    11-04-18 03:39 PM

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