1. cracker56's Avatar
    I am going from Z30. The Google Everything resource demanding apps with Oreo and the Motion is way overboard for me. I am a minimalist and want speed and internet. I have a BB10. I prefer not to enter the Google World of Everything. For performance and battery life specifically and how do I delete/turnoff the multitude of no-need apps as soon as I get my device.I want my browser and calendar etc experience to be as fast as possible. Is my BB10 browser gone for good ? Do I run both. Many thanks
    10-07-18 05:09 PM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    All I can tell you is I came over from a Z30 to Motion, running Oreo, and it's not intimidating at all. First of all the battery lasts longer on my Motion than my Z30, which was always excellent. By banishing the majority of apps to the app drawer, you can have a pretty clean machine. If you really want to annihilate all things Google, I'm sure there are those here who can help. Honestly, it's not needed.

    BTW, Simple Browser works very well on Z30.
    10-11-18 10:32 AM
  3. pastornordel's Avatar
    In settings, go in to apps and then google services. You can shut off all the Google stuff. I've replaced my gmail accounts with a paid service (fastmail); my Google search with duckduckgo, my browser with Opera, and my Google maps with Herego. But if you have a Motion you're using a Google operating system (Android) and you'll have to have a Google account to download apps (play store). I also use bb10. When I pick up my wife's Motion it feels very cluttered and unsorted. I'm sure I could get used to it. In fact, I guess I'll have to some day. But I'll be looking to make it minimalist like you.
    10-11-18 06:14 PM

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