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  1. DanceHike's Avatar
    In addition to the "update" (1) breaking my ability to call voice mail, (2) posting a bogus APN error on booting and (3) requiring me to use a wonky 3rd party app to use wifi calling, the Oreo "update" has permanently silenced all of my map apps. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, told the app to use the phone speaker (I know that Oreo broke the ability for map to make sound over my automobile blue tooth.) I am so afraid to lose wifi calling that I don't want to take it to factory settings. Does anyone have any idea how I can actually hear turn by turn directions - on regular map apps? I am beyond frustrated - and not exactly expert at this. TIA.

    Update: I have experimented with many scenarios and it seems the sound works as long as my Motion's Bluetooth is off. I must say, I am quite disappointed that my Motion - my favorite phone of all time - - is now so flaky. I now choose between blue tooth call and media capabilities or turn by turn map instructions.
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    09-22-18 01:14 PM
  2. DaDaDogg's Avatar
    I always have sounds off on Maps because it disturbs my music but will test it out tomorrow.
    09-22-18 01:43 PM
  3. DaDaDogg's Avatar
    didn't have any problems, everything works fine...
    09-26-18 04:58 AM
  4. DanceHike's Avatar
    thank you for checking!
    09-27-18 03:21 PM

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