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    I found with my Motion after a number of months and the same with my wife's Motion, after the phone would sleep, when trying to wake the phone it would not allow for the desktop to show or the unlock keypad to show. It became frozen on a black screen only showing the charging bar, or sometimes flashing some email headers on the screen. I found this could also happen on the KeyOne.

    At first I simply cleared the Cache and re-started the phone. The problem came back after about a day or two. I did find if i use the default background on the desktop the fault did not occur.

    I contacted Blackberry Support about this. They sent me back an email with the following instructions.


    Fix Motion Phone Freezing After Sleeping:

    - Uninstall apps that you do not need, Go to settings > apps > select the desired on and uninstall.
    - Clear recent apps, tap on the recent apps button (square) > clear all
    - Go to settings > storage > internal > cached data > clear
    - Do a soft reset on your device, turn the device off, once off, press and hold the power key for 32 seconds let go and let the device restart itself.


    It is about three days now and using a new desktop background, and this fault did not yet appear. I am at the point where I am getting convinced this process fixed the fault.

    I hope this helps out other users who are experiencing the same issue.
    07-29-18 09:29 PM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    Is this common? Have both phones, never had issue.
    07-30-18 08:47 AM
  3. Elky64's Avatar
    Curious as well. Owned my Motion for nearly 9 months and never encountered same / similar problem, not using default backgrounds either. Actually phone has been the most consistent (day in day out) that I've have ever owned - BBD100-2 on Telus.
    07-31-18 06:33 AM
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    This is a continuation of my previous incident where the BB Motion is sometimes freezing on the start screen, and the phone requiring a restart of the OS. I have an open ticket number with BB about this.

    I found the solution I received was only temporary. I worked out the following:

    If I use a Wallpaper image from the SD card that is set to work on both the standby screen (where you enter the password) and the running desktop the phone is most unstable. If I change the SD card wallpaper to work only with the desktop and use the factory default wallpaper for the standby screen the phone is a bit more stable. On my KeyOne this same wallpaper file is perfect.

    If I copy the wallpaper to the internal memory and use it from there, the phone is more stable but not long term acceptable. I am clearing the cache and doing a full long restart. (more than 35 seconds).

    If I use the factory default wallpaper on both the desktop and standby screen the phone is acceptably stable and dependable. I would say 98% stable, while I would say my KeyOne is 100% stable.

    When putting back the factory default wall paper, I first load it for both the standby and desktop screens. I clear the cache. I then do the long restart. I then go back and clear the cache again, and do the long restart again.


    When using my own wallpaper image on both the standby and desktop screen from the SD card the phone may freeze at any time. It may run anywhere from a number of minutes to a number of days. Sometimes it would be freezing very often. Very unpredictable. If I use this same wallpaper from the internal memory it is maybe 40% to 50% more stable. If I use the default BB wallpaper on the standby screen and use my own wallpaper from the internal memory it is only a bit more stable.

    At this time, I am using the default BB wallpaper and the phone is extremely stable compared to using my own in any type of case. I also found the stability increased a little when I uninstalled a third party battery monitoring software. This software is working perfectly in my KeyOne. The software name is 3C Battery Monitor. It is however an excellent software.

    What I did notice and the same thing with another family member who also has the motion is this problem started about two months ago after one of the Android updates. I have this problem for a long time with no resolve. I have been trying to fix it on my own. For now we will be using the default wallpaper to have the stability (more boring but it is a terrific phone for sure).
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    08-19-18 09:09 PM

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