1. Peter_Cincy's Avatar
    Greetings all. I am thinking about buying a Motion. All reviews I have read point out camera performance as a concern. While I'm used to the KEYone, which works well enough for my needs, I am led to believe that the Motion's camera is not as good as that.

    So my question is this: are there any apps or techniques that folks would recommend to take better photos with the Motion? For example, does using a different app like Open Camera help? Or perhaps turning on manual settings and shooting exclusively that way?

    While I don't rely on my phone to take stellar shots, I would want to obtain reasonably good shots under reasonably good conditions... consistently, of course. Can the Motion's camera meet that standard with some coaxing? Thanks in advance for any insights offered.
    06-10-20 10:49 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I could see getting a PKB phone that was old and outdated (hard to find) and has a so so camera.... but why bother with the Motion at this point.

    Put the money into a Pixel 3A and get the app subscription and a protective case, and don't worry about the camera (or updates, security patches, old battery, slow processor, ....).

    But based on the Photo section in the Motion threads... I think reasonably good is possible.
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    06-11-20 09:53 AM
  3. Peter_Cincy's Avatar
    I understand the "why bother" question, and my eyes are wide open regarding the pros and cons of buying an "old and outdated" BlackBerry device. However, many of us wouldn't be the quite the BlackBerry enthusiasts we are if we didn't consider doing exactly that on occasion.

    Looking at the Motion photos in over in the related Sticky thread and also in CBKevin's review, I wasn't overly impressed with what I saw. I'm guessing, especially in the latter thread, that no effort was made beyond use of the automatic shutter settings precisely so the camera performance could be straightforwardly assessed.

    Over in the same review thread, a commenter suggested using an app called Perfectly Clear for the post-processing of photos. Has that app, or something similar, been an option tried with any success by any Motion users?

    06-11-20 06:38 PM
  4. branflakes's Avatar
    Nothing I tried with my Motion ever helped. The camera really is lousy. My Priv had a much better camera, and that wasn't exactly a top camera either, in its day. The poor camera and the 32GB of storage finally made me move on to a Google Pixel 3. Loved my Motion ( and all the BlackBerrys I've owned), still think it's a great looking phone, but the 32GB of storage was too little over time, and that camera was a drag on my art business...I couldn't take a good photo unless there were perfect conditions (bright sunlight outside).

    I bought a Pixel 3, subscribe to the BB apps, use Cobalt's BB VKB and am happy. A newer Android OS is also very nice. The only thing I truly miss is the notification led. This is my first non-BlackBerry smartphone. If they ever make a VKB phone again, I'll definitely consider it, but there are a lot of good slab phones to choose from now.
    06-12-20 08:05 PM
  5. Peter_Cincy's Avatar
    Those are very helpful observations - thank you. I will stick with my KeyONEs for the camera I know... along with the model's other good attributes. Except for being short on RAM, the base version has been OK for my usage in terms of screen size, processor speed, and even the 32GB storage after I trim my cache every so often. That's why the Motion might have worked if not for the camera, but I've just bought a K1 Black Edition for personal use instead.

    Personally, I'm not 100% convinced BB phones are dead after the end of the TCL license, but I'm not holding my breath either. All hardware eventually fails, but the K1 has enough ruggedness to get me through then next year or two, I believe - long enough to see what happens down the road.
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    06-13-20 01:33 PM
  6. skilas's Avatar
    It may be late for your decision making, but I figured I'd share my experience with the Motion.

    I had the Motion for 2 years. Last fall I moved to a Pixel 3 with Blackberry apps. It sounds like my trajectory has been very similar to @branflakes . Love BB phones. And if they make another VKB device, I may come back.

    As for the Motion, I took about 30k photos with it. Doesn't mean it was a good camera. Just the most convenient. You know the saying "The best camera is the one you've got on you" (or something like that).
    I came from a Blackberry Z30 (another poor camera). So it was definitely better than that. And I had young kids at the time, so I was always taking photos. Looking back, definitely did not do well in less-than-ideal lighting. I took so many photos of my kids, just to make sure I got one that was not blurry. To address this, I adjusted how I took photos. Focusing on getting good lighting. And getting my kids to be still for just a second.

    Colour was also often "off". To fix this, I shot in manual mode exclusively. It helped. I would often adjust the White Balance to better suit real life conditions. There's some decent presets for indoor lighting, fluorescent lighting, outdoor, etc. And when the presets were just too much of a jump, I would manually adjust the value.

    Now I use the Pixel 3, which blows it out of the water. That being said, I still keep my Motion sitting on my desk at home, fully operational. In fact, it's now my Record camera. Meaning I use it to take photos of all those things around the house I like to have records of, but not necessarily clogging up my main camera feed. So it's still good enough for photos of boxes, instructions, shelving, paperwork, etc. I also own a KeyOne, but it's a fun extra device. I've never tried taking photos with both to compare. I also used a Priv for work, and took my photos as a work phone. But did not really compare them either.
    07-26-20 10:27 PM

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