1. claytargets's Avatar
    Depending on the price, I will look to this new BlackBerry first after my Dtek60 dies, but no earlier.

    Except for the battery, I think my Dtek60 has a better screen and equal power under the hood.
    10-06-17 11:52 PM
  2. danfrancisco's Avatar
    I used my DTEK60 as my daily driver from launch until the KEYone came out. I found it to be a solid device and really enjoyed it for the six months it was my dd! That said, there are a few of areas of improvement in the DTEK60 which I believe the Motion addresses:

    1. The DTEK60, while a great performer, did not look or feel like a BB. It was an idol with a BB logo stamped on the back. The Motion on the other looks like a BB!

    2. The DTEK60 will never get Nougat and while Marshmallow is more than serviceable, I'm too used to the improved notifications and split screen to go back.

    3. Waterproofing!

    4. Massive battery. The DTEK60 served me well battery-wise and easily got me through a day with about 15% left by the time I went to bed (I consider myself a power user). With the KEYone's 3500 maH battery, I charge every other day and am a believer in the 625 SoC! With the Motion packing 4k maH of power, I have no doubt that I'll be on my 48 hr charge cycle!

    5. Fingerprint scanner on the front. I'm on a lot of client calls so my phone is always sitting on my desk face up. It's nice to be able to unlock it without having to pick it up. Sometimes it's the little things!

    If none of these things matter to you, than I'd say the Motion probably wouldn't be much of an upgrade for you and you're probably better off sticking with your DTEK60.
    10-07-17 12:13 AM

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