1. f_d's Avatar
    So they did it again and broke "Locker".. I can now see the Locker subdir and access all the previously hidden contents.. TCL- get your act together!!!

    Additionally, it just is not a well written/well thought out app: it insists on categorizing my content vs. just letting me organize it myself.

    New to the app is the ability to "hide" apps; unfortunately, the default behaviour is to simply copy the app into Locker and leave it visible both inside/outside locker (it runs as a single instance; unlike Knox on Samsung, there's no separate protected context that a private app would run in). You have to specifically go into the settings to actually "hide" the app outside Locker.. Given that whether visible or "hidden", an app runs as a single instance, there's actually no point this option: as soon as you add an app, it should automatically be hidden. Now perhaps this is a sign of an unfinished feature; I would love to see Samsung Knox style containerization.

    Then there's the option of "hiding" the Locker app itself.. I have not activated this option as it pops up a warning box that if you activate it, then Locker can only be brought up with a keyboard shortcut... Of course, the Motion is an all-touch device that you can't do keyboard shortcuts on, so how would you bring up a hidden Locker on a Motion?
    08-27-18 02:15 PM
  2. Hphv's Avatar
    Also it should include to hide certain sms and mails like some apps can do. It is not yet mature
    08-27-18 05:21 PM

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