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    Hi guys I was getting annoying with constant heads-up pop up messages from Whatsapp and BBM despite having the app settings on " no pop up" within each app!
    I didn't want to turn off all the notifications but only the annoying heads-up! Android nougat 7.1.2 don't seem to allow you to do that, however after a lot of digging I found that if you know how to get to UI Tuner secret menu, then u can find the way turn those pop-ups off ! I thought I would share that as it was a really hard to find solution!

    1-Swipe from the top of ur screen, tap and hold the settings little cog until UI tuner menu activates!
    2-Once that's done, go to settings, ui tuner, other, power notifications controls, then tap to turn On. Then close
    3-Then go to settings, notifications and for each app u want to disable pop-ups for, tap on that A letter and choose level 3 !

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    02-06-18 01:05 PM

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