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    I’ve never had a problem with predictive text on any of my numerous BB devices. Two weeks ago I took the radical step to reset my keyboard as I didn’t know how to keep some words from coming up as options that I no longer wanted. Now, two weeks later, I still cannot get the words ‘that’, ‘for’, ‘on’, or ‘to’ to show up. At all. Ever. I use my Motion A LOT as a HS counselor, sending messages from all over the school, home etc, so there’s no way that the dozens and dozens of times I’ve used these words shouldn’t have been ‘learned’ by now. I’ve added them to my personal dictionary to no avail whatsoever. I’m typing this on my school iPad because I would have lost my marbles trying to replace all of the common words that no longer show up. Any help? Thanks!
    08-28-18 11:22 AM

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