1. falcotec's Avatar
    Doing a G-Sonsor test after using keypad of the phone and "dial" *#2886# and choosing manual.
    All tests ok, only the one which wants me to put the end of the Motion down with the finger print sensor side is failing as far as I see it, it is removed if the end is up (not down). Left and right is a "down" so I expect a "down" as well there. Anyone see the same?
    Last edited by falcotec; 07-15-20 at 04:33 AM.
    07-15-20 03:34 AM
  2. falcotec's Avatar
    nobody here to repeat the test for me?
    08-26-20 07:05 AM
  3. anon(2380716)'s Avatar
    nobody here to repeat the test for me?
    It is the same for my device.
    08-28-20 08:15 AM

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