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    I'm having a problem with my calendars that I can't seem to fix. I'm sure there is a simple solution and I've probably just been looking at the problem too long. My BlackBerry Motion syncs to my Outlook account. In my calendar there are two accounts that show my Outlook address, however one shows information for: contacts, events, and US holidays; while the other just list events and US holidays. Between the two, only one seems to sync to my outlook calendar on my laptop. The inability to sync the two is frustrating. If I receive an email with travel details, outlook automatically adds this as a trip to my calendar (very helpful); that trip doesn't sync to my phone (not helpful). I can run with both calendars in view on my Motion but this seems like a workaround instead of a fix. I want one calendar that syncs accurately to both devices. I was thinking if I could delete one, I could force them to sync but I can't find a way to manage the calendars other than to hide one or the other from view.

    Any assistance?
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