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    I did a compete factory reset on my phone as it was starting to lag quite heavily.

    Everything is working well again, but the device search is not clearing itself with each search like it used to.

    I use Nova launcher with gestures, and swipe down to open search. If I swipe down and search a contact for example and then open the contact then click the home button, if I swipe down again to open the search, the contact card is still open. I have to click back a couple of times and then clear the search bar.

    I used to just be able to swipe down and have a clear search bar with the keyboard popping up automatically.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? It's annoying now.

    Alternatively, is there any similar apps people would recommend as a substitute?

    04-08-19 11:22 AM
  2. bbarling11's Avatar
    I fixed the problem by putting the search bar on the home screen.
    04-08-19 01:56 PM

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