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  1. hatchaholic's Avatar
    Tried hardware troubleshooting before oreo but troubleshooter didn't include that key. With oreo now I don't understand how key troubleshooting works. You have to press another key along with the one you're checking?
    08-28-18 06:42 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Just go to Settings/Shortcuts & gestures/Convenience Key and adjust the settings from there. If nothing you assign works, well, you know it's busted or you need to try a reset.
    08-28-18 07:39 PM
  3. hatchaholic's Avatar
    Thanks! Both home and car profiles are on but the key itself does nothing. it quit when setting up the profiles froze. I was hoping maybe checking the key with support center might reactivate it. Maybe it's a stupid question but doesn't a reset put everything back to original default ?
    And can you explain how to test the keys in support center?
    08-28-18 08:55 PM
  4. falcotec's Avatar
    it happend to me as well, I found that the key does nothing in case the "normal", "car" and "home" profile are set, and keys are assigned to car and home, but not to normal, so in case you are not at "home" or in "car" then it does not do anything, which is absolutely correct. Same for you? I start using the c-key, it's awesome.
    08-29-18 01:07 AM
  5. falcotec's Avatar
    Go to support centre - hardware diagnosis - Keys & buttons - see the first screen, press the arrow (to the left), press "ok" on th screen, and test the hardware convinience key and see if the mark gets green, so hw works, press power button and POWER indicator gets green, same for Vol up/down, and Android buttons, fingerprint sensor and home and back...
    08-29-18 01:14 AM
  6. hatchaholic's Avatar
    Thanks, falcotec! With all profiles set to on the button still does nothing. To do the hardware check of keys it says you press the navigation button along with the one you're checking. Sorry to be so dense but which is the navigation key?
    08-29-18 12:23 PM
  7. falcotec's Avatar
    sorry, first the arrow is to the right and then the ok, the next screen shows a keyboard and map of the he keys next to it. forget about the navigation key.
    hatchaholic likes this.
    09-02-18 02:02 AM
  8. hatchaholic's Avatar
    Thanks very much!
    09-13-18 09:44 PM
  9. hatchaholic's Avatar
    So by that test the key does work. Any particular apps or permissions that are necessary to get the key to anything? I've disabled a LOT of apps and am stingy with permissions.
    09-14-18 01:39 PM
  10. falcotec's Avatar
    Did you assign function to the convenience key? Only enabling the profile does not make the button do something.
    Attached Thumbnails Convenience key dead?-12032.jpg  
    09-15-18 04:13 PM
  11. hatchaholic's Avatar
    Yes, thanks, I did figure that out. I set up always and driving and home and it was fine. Then it somehow lost all that and I never got a chance to set it up again. Now it's gone.
    09-08-19 06:51 PM

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