1. rbwalton's Avatar
    Does anyone out there use CodeRed Mobile app with Motion and Oreo?

    I am trying to use the CodeRed app on my Motion with Oreo. Push alerts does not seem to work. When I go to Motion app setting screen and select app notifications for CodeREd Mobile Alert app, it shows alerts are on. It has “Allow notification dot” on. And under the heading “Categories”, it says, “This app has not posted any notifications.”

    I have tried telling this to the app developers since it is not something I had noticed happening on my Priv. They don't seem to understand what I am telling them, and I get the impression they think it is something I am doing wrong. I have many other apps that have push notifications. And they all show notifications are available on this particular setting screen.

    If you have Motion and Oreo with this app, and “push notifications” work, can you tell me a possible setting I may have missed?
    11-26-18 01:29 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    The first 4 reviews (and plenty more after that) on Google Play are 1 star and people complaining about notifications or lack of... seems to me it's safe to say it's on them to fix.
    11-26-18 02:27 PM
  3. rbwalton's Avatar
    Thanks Bla1ze, I sort of figured it was on them. I have told them what I think. They claim they have fixed the app, but I don't see any changes in function. It would have been nice for the app to actually work, or if I still had my Priv since the app did work then. I actually was in Paradise, Ca the morning the Camp Fire started, and this fire quickly burned the town off of the map. I knew the app would not work then since I had issues with notifications before this. I found out later that the CodeRed folks sent out a landline notification to evacuate Paradise. But I was driving so that did not help me. I also had an expectation that the Emergency Broadcast alerts would kick in if needed. Evidently, that notification was never sent. I guess the takeaway is to not trust technology with your life, no matter what app you rely on.
    11-26-18 06:01 PM

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