1. olga421's Avatar
    Can someone explain how I can use the Locker app, to save important documents , and what else I can save in there thanx
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    11-17-17 09:00 PM
  2. Nate tha Great's Avatar
    you can save any document you want in the locker. I haven't downloaded or transfered a file from an external source to it, yet, so someone else will have to answer that.

    If the file is already on your phone or SD card then you simply open the 'files' app, navigate to the file you want in the locker, display the file specific menu of the file you want to move to the locker by tapping on the three dots arranged vertically to the right of the file, and select lock. this will move the file to the locker.

    You can also select multiple files, and move them all at once using the 'lock' option in the hamburger menu.
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    11-18-17 03:57 PM

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