1. Fidel abaja's Avatar
    My buttons, both the triangular and the square icons fail to respond at times. Especially after a whole night not handling the phone. I have to keep touching and tapping for minutes every morning. At times after minutes of not using my phone. This has happened the past one and a half weeks now. The square button was the first to misbehave. Then days later the triangular. Any idea whats happening.
    04-16-20 12:17 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Could be any number of thing really but you need to start with the basics of troubleshooting. You can try a 32-second reboot, where you hold the power button for 32-seconds. If that doesn't change things, you need to consider doing a factory reset. If that doesn't take care of it, then it's potentially a hardware issue.
    04-16-20 01:48 PM

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