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    1. Last night, 23 Aug 18, Android Auto ("AA") worked fine
    2. This morning I hook it up the AA logo appreared on the menu as per normal
    3. Pressed the icon, screen went to black and stayed that way regardless of what I tried except to hit "Home" or disconnect
    4. My device is BB Motion BBD100-2

    From there I searched the forums similar problems have been appearing over the years with other devices. Tried a couple of "fixes" with no success.

    Called BB support, BlackBerry Mobile Care ("BBMC"), they told me that they had received an number of calls regarding this issue with variants on the manifestation of the problem: screen freeze, black screen of death, etc.

    The issue is just being looked at by their techs BUT they found an interim "work around" - do a factory reset. I told the young man that this was out of the question - work phone with tons of critical data, pictures of the grandchildren and on and on as to why that was NOT an option. It's not that it can't be recreated it's a matter of time and just a massive pain in the butt. I reiterated that a factory reset was not an option for me, said good bye and hung up.

    That's not the end of it.

    What burns me the most is that within 5 minutes of hanging up with BBMC I received an email providing me with a file number and declaring "Close Advice - Case Resolved". Wrote him back disputing his assertion that the case was resolved. While he promised me that I would get a "patch" he could even hansard a guess as to when.

    So no solution as far as I'm concerned and not impressed that this issue was not identified before release into the wild especially there is a history of similar occurrences.
    08-23-18 10:33 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    08-23-18 10:53 PM

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