05-08-19 02:49 PM
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  1. falcotec's Avatar
    any experience if the LED notification is broken in case it should be allowed for do not disturb mode?
    05-07-19 01:54 PM
  2. skilas's Avatar
    Looks like my battery usage also increased. Every day dropping below 50% with identical usage... Before update I was always well above 60% at the end of the day with my usage patterns... No new aps etc...
    Today is actually a strange day compared to the past few days from the update. It's 3:45p and I'm still at 71%. Shocking for me. The past few days I've been going home at 5p with 30% left, and having to charge it sometime in the evening. Which is lower than before the update. Before the update, I would say I was usually 50% by 5p.
    05-08-19 02:49 PM
52 123

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