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  1. Sean Flaherty's Avatar
    I got my KEYone in early June, 2017. At some point in the Summer, every 5 minutes or so, my volume would be switched to Max. I can see the volume notification slide down from the top of the screen and move to max from wherever I have it set.

    If I reboot the phone, it stops for a period of time, but then starts up again.

    I took the phone out of its case thinking that may be the culprit, but it happens even when caseless.

    It only affects the media volume, none of the others (Ring, Alarm) are changed.

    I installed "Volume Control" and set that to lock the volume, and it does work, I can see the volume notification slide down like something is trying to max out the volume, but Volume Control stops it.

    How can I track down what is causing this? Is there anyway to find apps that can change the volume? I could then uninstall them one-by-one.

    Last edited by Sean Flaherty; 10-29-17 at 01:39 PM.
    10-29-17 12:45 PM
  2. ViXTaR46's Avatar
    Hi Sean. I too have this problem. Any solutions? It is a very annoying problem when media plays full blast.
    11-30-17 04:29 PM
  3. Jaynet's Avatar
    Any update on this random media volume issue? Mine just started on my Motion. Max volume on incoming messages even though the slider is all the way left.
    02-15-18 11:27 AM

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