1. crvaleriann's Avatar
    I have always been able to transfer my BB backup files to my new BB without the old device in past--until NOW. My Pearl died and I was able to transfer the files to my new Curve. My Curve died and I was able to transfer my files to my Bold. My Bold died and I was STILL able to transfer my files to my Q10.

    Now, my Q10 died (drowned in a flash flood) and I am told it is impossible to transfer my backup files to my KeyOne with out a working Q10, ostensibly because the Q10 is BB OS and the KeyOne is Android. If this is true and BB has no work-around, that's riduclous! What's the purpose of backing up files???

    >>> Anyone else have this experience--or better yet, a solution?!?

    My entire life since 2003 is in my BB Q10 data files. I have NOTHING and no way to recover this data if I can't access the last back up file--no contacts, calendar, passwords, etc. Please help, THANK YOU!
    08-16-18 04:34 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Buy a cheap used BB10 device and see if you can restore the data to it and then use the BlackBerry Content Transfer App to move it to an Android phone.

    There is no solution for getting info from a BBB backup file into an Android.... and at this point not really a reason for them to bother releasing such a tool.... time for that would have been three years ago.
    08-17-18 08:05 AM

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