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    Hi guys, I bought a Keyone for my mother because she just loves the keyboard experience. She will move from her current Bellagio device (OS 7) to Keyone. I am helping her with the process but I am struggling with moving data.

    For some reason her Bellagio's appworld does not work and does not want to open. I intended to download content transfer app.

    Trying with content transfer app from Keyone upon setting it up from first time because there is no option for that (only moving data from ios and other android device or google account) but that did not help either.

    I also tried the suggestion from blackberry content transfer app which points to www.blackberry.com/transfer from the old device. But that link does not give any app to download on the old device.

    Any help guys?
    10-14-17 10:49 AM

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