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    I just wanted to let you fellow KEYone users know that I've been struggling with poor performance and a problem where the phone used about 6-10 seconds to wake up from the lock button and fingerprint reader.

    It would read the fingerprint and give a vibrating feedback instantly, but it took quite a while until the screen showed up.

    I've tried Googling the problem, no result. Tried factory resetting without installing any new apps. Problem was still there. Then I tried looking trough the recent posts here and someone posted about poor app performance. One of the answers were to unmount the MicroSD card and remount it. I opened the storage settings, but couldn't see my MicroSD card anywhere. That got me thinking it was faulty, so I removed it.

    After I removed the MicroSD, the phone is fresh again. The MicroSD was a PNY 32GB.

    I haven't investigated further if a format with a PC could recover the card and make it usable again, but I will post any update if it's possible.

    This problem has been a huge trouble the last couple of weeks, I almost bought a new phone because of it, even though I love my KEYone and don't want to switch it out.
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    04-15-18 04:19 PM
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    Thank you, it helped!
    05-28-18 03:51 PM

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