08-12-19 10:32 PM
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    They won't restock, it's the end of BlackBerry Mobile
    I have to agree here. Even if we see a Key3, it'll have a very limited run and support will end once the licensing agreement between BBL and TCL expires. People aren't going to buy a phone from a company now they know won't be around to support it later. The market for phones like the Key2 in this price range just isn't sustainable. Priorities in the market have changed and TCL's success with BlackBerry was going to set the bar for the modern physical keyboard market in the age of glass slabs. If TCL couldn't do it, consumer BlackBerry handsets are on their way out and the pkb market is already extremely small. TCL's struggle is not going to encourage new investment in the pkb market.
    08-12-19 10:32 PM
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