1. BBVill's Avatar

    Happy owner of a keyONE here. After the July update, however, I have encountered a new problem with the sym-function.

    I have assigned certain letters to switch when pressing sym+key. For example sym+a =ä. It was very convenient when writing in Finnish/Swedish. Very easy to use and after the the sym screen automatically closed and you could continue writing.

    Now, however, when I press sym+a, it changes the letter to ä but it leaves the sym screen open. Now I have to press additional three times the sym button in order to close the sym screen. Very annoying and time consuming.

    Is there any setting I could change so this would go back the way it was? Or is it something I have to wait and would be corrected in the next update, possibly...?
    07-31-17 04:05 AM
  2. lobstaj's Avatar
    Yes, it's really a pain in the *beep*.

    Also being discussed there: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...pdate-1113213/ Looks like it's a regression bug... :-(

    If you need your umlauts in the middle of a word, try keeping the sym key pressed while typing your umlaut. In the middle of the word, the sym keyboard will disappear if you let go of the sym key after that. Does not work in the beginning of words though.
    08-01-17 03:28 AM
  3. BBVill's Avatar
    Thanks for the info! Maybe they will fix it for the next update then.
    08-01-17 03:51 AM

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