1. TurtleTee's Avatar
    When I plug my Keyone into my PC (windows 10) with a USB to transfer photos, I can't find any recent photos I've taken.

    If I select "Transfer Photos" only my older photos that I transferred from my Q10 show up, but nothing else. If I select "Transfer files" it shows multiple new folders that weren't visible before, but most of them appear empty. It does show my music files and documents, but no images.

    I can transfer tediously through Google Drive but it's ridiculous that I can't easily and quickly transfer using a USB.

    I even tried replacing the default photo app on my PC that came with windows 10 and that didn't change anything.

    Anyone have any solutions?
    08-17-18 10:48 AM
  2. Ragbert's Avatar
    This might sound simplistic, but try connecting to a different USB port on the Win 10 PC. Windows 10 has proved to be problematic when trying to get it to recognise a USB connected phone, and some people have said that trying a different port, or a different USB cord has helped.

    If all else fails, see if you can save your photos internally to your SD card, then remove the SD card and insert it into a universal card reader (an inexpensive but useful tool), which can then be read by Windws 10 without hooking up your device to it.
    08-22-18 10:48 PM

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