1. David Wood3's Avatar
    hey folks, this affects all android users.
    I noticed the "notification settings" got kerfluffled..
    Take a look at my screen shots...

    This is the original settings available
    Attachment 442072

    and this is with the update
    Latest hub update disables customization options-18645.jpg

    I found it odd last night when I got an email and my LED was blinking white!!! when I had my emails set to red...

    Workaround until they fix this issue...
    go to google play > tap the 3 bars top left > go to the installed tab > scroll down to BlackBerry Hub and tap on it (but not the OPEN button)

    uninstall it, and while you're there - tap the 3 dots in the top right - disable the auto-update

    go into the hub and set up ur settings as u had them before.

    me: dark theme, delete on both hub and server, auto dl images, turned off delete confirmation, changes swipe actions to both mark as read/unread.
    12-28-18 12:49 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    It's not a Hub issue, as you noted, it's an Android issue. The solution is to delete the accounts and reset them back up, it will ask for your color options during initial set up and those will stick but you will not be able to change them going forward without repeating the process. Your noted workaround is only delaying the inevitable if you ever want to be on a current build of Hub.
    12-28-18 01:20 PM

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