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    I posted this issue on another thread, but i think this belongs into the support section, so BlackBerry Support can see it.

    So the bug is the following. Sometimes when i want to type in WhatsApp chat, the textbox doesn't get any input. The word suggestions change accordingly to my input, but the text box remains empty, like invisible text. And then i can't send the message.

    This bug happens pretty randomly. Sometimes when i switch between apps and back to the whatsapp chat, or when i go to homescreen and back to whatsapp.
    Most often it happens when i lock my phone while whatsapp chat is open. After unlocking with fingerprint and starting to type the bug appears. Even when i lock while I'm on the homescreen, then unlock and go to the whatsapp chat.

    I did literally everything to remove this bug or to at least prevent it from happening.

    I tried different autoloaders. Both with backup+restore, and even a fresh install from scratch.
    I tried factory resets and also 32 seconds hard reset, no luck.
    I tried using whatsapp with chat backup and without backup.
    I tried a very old whatsapp apk from august (at that time i had nougat, and i didn't have that bug) and even then the bug appears. Newest whatsapp apk it's the same.
    I tried tapping the textbox before starting to type. Bug still happened.
    I tried to use BlackBerry vkb, no luck either.
    Switching to swiftkey didn't help.

    There is no way to prevent it or to remove it permanently for me. When it happens it happens, and the only things i can do is closing and open whatsapp again, re-open the whatsapp chat or changing the keyboard via notification center or holding down spacebar.

    It appears to be a blackberry bug, because older whatsapp apk that used to work without this bug on Nougat, have it now too.

    This has to be fixed. It is very annoying when I'm chatting and keep locking and unlocking the phone while doing other stuff.
    10-10-18 02:25 AM
  2. Moon_Man's Avatar
    ah and btw I'm on abg366 oreo build with prd 036
    10-11-18 03:32 AM
  3. Moon_Man's Avatar
    really? no reaction from support?
    10-25-18 05:49 AM
  4. Moon_Man's Avatar
    The same bug happened with discord now multiple times too.
    11-06-18 04:40 AM
  5. Moon_Man's Avatar
    bump. same bug on ABI067 On BBKey2
    11-27-18 02:16 PM

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