1. yslforeva's Avatar
    Hello everyone.
    I replaced a broken screen on my KEYone recently, and I ran into this issue.
    I bought two similar display parts for repair, to fix two different models: BBB100-1 and BBB100-2.
    I have tested both screens and found them working on the first phone, but they didn't work on the second one.
    Altought display and touchscreen is functioning, there is no backlight on LCD.
    There is no phisical damage, but fell-out screen.
    My question: Is there any display compatibility issues known?
    Are there several display models? Or one display is compatible for all?
    04-03-18 05:31 AM
  2. ehdiv's Avatar
    I just broke my keyone lcd screen. On Amazon a buyer of an lcd screen said there are kind of different “reference number” on the black sticker near the connector of the lcd spare part (17095, 17116, ...). And some are working, some aren’t.
    So I have the same question: how can I be sure to order the really proper screen !

    Help anyone !
    09-08-19 05:00 PM

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