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    I have a KeyOne BBB100-3, HW Version 24, SW Version BBB100-3V06, and Android Version 7.1.1

    I have been using Akruto Sync (essentially creates an Exchange account over wifi) to sync my Outlook calendar (home version with Office 2016) entries. Things had been going smooth since September when I bought the KeyOne and this was the main reason, aside from email that I went back to BB from iPhone after 5 years. iTunes no longer synced from Outlook and they really don't care to, so I had to think outside the box and ultimately, outside the phone. I didn't want to spend $ on a MacBook just to be able to sync to my phone. Plus, I'm still a PC guy.

    I had been able to sync calendar entries from Outlook to BB and BB to Outlook just fine. I recently (maybe a week ago) noticed that none of the calendar entries were notifying me. After numerous attempts to figure out what the deal was, I narrowed it down to only calendar entries from my PC (Outlook) are not notifying. If I create an entry on the phone, the notification works just fine and it sync to Outlook just fine.

    So basically, I'm beside myself as to how this can happen. Akruto Sync is a great product but they know very little outside of the sync processes.

    I'm hoping someone out there has had a similar issue or may be able to offer some help.

    01-03-18 07:54 PM

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