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    I have a BB Key One and a Mac Book Pro 10.11 . Until now I haven't synchronized my iCal calendars that I run on my MacBook with my Blackberry. Now with the new BB Key One Features I want to.

    I already exported all my iCal calendars and imported them on Google Calendar. This worked properly so what I have now is a google calendar with all my ical dates so far.

    Now, the situation/problem is:

    I don't find the function where the SHARED calendars will still be synchronized between existing users after importing them on Google Calendar. (When I add a new event it's not showing with the other persons.) I don't want to "lose" all the shared calendars and invite the people to google calendar.

    Is there a way I can transfer the existing iCal calendars into google calendar and still keeping the "synchronization"? Or do I have to invite the people I want to share with for new (that'd be a little annoying).

    Can you help me?
    01-08-18 12:24 PM

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