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    When I'm playing music, remove my headphones, and plug them in 15-30 minutes later, my headphones aren't recognized. If I plug them back in quickly, within 5 minutes or so, they are recognized again. When they are not recognized, no amount of unplugging/replugging them will get the phone to play from anything but its own speaker. I haven't tested whether it will work with Bluetooth when this happens. The only fix is to reboot the phone. I haven't tried a factory reset, but that's the next step.
    I'm currently on AAT166, is anyone else having this issue?
    02-17-18 10:10 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I have a silver and black, haven't had this issue on either. Before a factory reset, though, you might want to try a different headset and see if it reacts the same. Even a cheap set would be fine for testing.
    02-18-18 02:33 AM
  3. atso32's Avatar
    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post an update on a recent fix.
    TL;DR I removed the SD card that was giving me a "Corrupted SD card" error on every restart. Haven't had the issue since.

    I believe this problem was a bug caused by a faulty SD card. I have an old SD card I was trying to use, but even after formatting it I would get a "Corrupted SD card" error upon rebooting. I thought it was more effort to find a small thing to stick in and eject it, so I just left it in.
    A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about this problem, because it persisted through a factory reset and about three or four OS upgrades (I forget how many have been released since February). Different headphones didn't fix the problem. A second, more serious, problem was that sometimes I couldn't hear any sound during a phone call. Other people could hear me, but I couldn't hear anything on my end. This happened for both outbound and inbound calls. Similar to the headphone jack problem, the lack of sound persisted in all calls until I restarted the phone.
    I was considering sending the phone in for a warranty claim, but I thought it was weird that this apparent software problem (since the hardware would work most of the time) had persisted through a factory reset and multiple OS upgrades. The only difference between my phone and others', I concluded, was that nobody else would carry around a bad SD card in their phone. As a last-ditch effort to fix the phone, I ejected the SD card, and in the week since then, I haven't had either issue again. In that time, I've plugged and unplugged my FM modulator's cord many times and made and received many calls, and I haven't had the problem again.
    I'll submit a bug report to Blackberry for now, and will post again if the problem occurs again. For now, this seems to be the fix.
    05-11-18 09:46 PM

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