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    Hi Folks,
    I thought I would post and hopefully help someone else. Months ago the KEYone got dropped in water and wouldn't work. So I put it in a bag of rice and hung it at the back of the fridge where it is always warm. This made the KEYone switch on and everything seemed to work (powered up, touch screen, sounds, side buttons) except for the keyboard. This was a major issue as there was a pin password on the phone so we couldn't get past that as we couldn't type the pin in, thus making the phone useless.
    It got boxed and put in the drawer for a few months and I finally had time to look at it again. Same again everything was working except the keyboard. So I decided to rest it ontop of my computer tower. I have an exhaust fan blowing the hot air up and out of the computer case. With the KEYone face down and just the keyboard covering part of the fan it sat there for a week. Low and behold it works perfectly once again.
    So as I said I hope this helps at least one other person.

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    11-03-17 11:21 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Hope it keeps on working... problem with water damage is usually the water has contaminant that will cause corrosion. My last phone got wet (salt water which is really bad), dried it out and in a few days it was working fine. Till a couple of weeks later some of the sensors went out and then the speaker...

    I now own a water proof phone (no just splash resistant) and even a water proof case... as I spend time out on the water a lot. Big change from an always naked phone....
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    11-03-17 12:36 PM
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    Yes we will see but thankfully not sea water

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    11-03-17 07:20 PM
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    Yes we will see but thankfully not sea water

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    How is your keyone now? Is your keyboard working still?

    My keyone fell in a puddle of water at the pool, but only half way and the keyboard stopped working.
    12-02-19 01:48 AM

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