1. frugalphone's Avatar
    Locate on both Google maps and Mapquest work fine on Chrome and Firefox.
    But I cannot get Bing maps to work on either Chrome or Firefox. All I get is a blank screen for a while, and then back to Bing home page. It seems like tab closes / crashes? Tried desktop and mobile versions, same result.

    I wouldn't bother, except I cannot download and install Trend Micro Android antivirus.
    Trend Micro uses only Bing maps to verify location prior to allowing download of "Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition"

    I'd be happy to give details on what error is on Trend Micro but its clear Trend Micro uses Bing maps which doesn't seem to work. And seemed too much detail for forum. I'm a real newbie with my KEYone, but since locate works with other maps, it just seems to be Bing?

    I know it tried to work on Bing, because I got message something like "Do you want Bing to share Location?" and did click "Share". I got this message for Google Maps and Mapquest too, and they both work fine.

    Re Trend Micro, have tried many alternatives ie got new product keys for other countries, tried buying product in country I'm in (it doesn't work), was suggested to try change Google Play country.

    But fundamentally, if I could get Locate to work on Bing Maps, I could get one of the Trend Micro purchase options to complete!! Am I the only one who's done something silly?
    10-24-17 04:32 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Antivirus is snake oil. Don't bother. What good is it without system access?

    Between Play Store, Play Protect, DTEK, and your own brain, you'll be fine.
    10-24-17 04:49 PM

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