1. nrb1988's Avatar
    Formatted 64GB SD card I have in my KEYone. However, everytime I open a window in Windows 10, click on the drive, it closed and says the device has been disconnected. I have checked the box in developer options to allow media transfer, not just charge.

    Why can't I transfer music from my PC to my KEYone? Thanks for the help.
    07-06-17 09:32 AM
  2. C_McD's Avatar
    Try a different SD card.
    07-06-17 12:49 PM
  3. hazmaju's Avatar
    As I see it on the CB without owning K1 it has some serious problems with SD cards and I had some similar problems with my dtek50... For me it helped when I formated my card on a PC, actually erased file format from I t and left it without file system, then inserted it into my phone and formated it on the device. After that procedure I didn't have any problems with it. Before that it behaved badly as a slow card which is not; I couldn't record max resolution video and I had some other misbehaving with the SD card. Try that option out it is not a big nuances...
    07-06-17 01:00 PM

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