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  1. prplhze2000's Avatar
    Plantronics voyager edge doesn't. Wonder what problem is.

    Edit: Dammit, it's supposed to read AirPODS. Damn auto correct. The Voyager works fine. It is the Airpods that play music fine but then when I try to use them to speak on phone, they cut out.

    Damn thing won't let me correct the title of this post.
    Last edited by prplhze2000; 03-08-18 at 07:10 PM. Reason: Misspelled word in title.
    03-08-18 04:49 PM
  2. Wezard's Avatar
    No problems with a Voyager Legend. Have the phone forget the device, power down the Edge then reboot the phone, with the edge powered down. Then re-pair.
    You prob already tried this, but just in case.
    03-08-18 06:53 PM

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